Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Manhood Extension

The effects, risks, and differences between surgical and non-surgical manhood extension are enormous. You’d be surprised with the results of each side.

Now, I have a personal preference for one side, but I’ll give you my unbiased view of the pros and cons of each side so that you can make the right decision for you. Well, get out of the introduction and into the debate already!

Surgical Pros

Surgical manhood extension has been around far longer than non-surgical manhood extension. Those who train in the use of surgical procedures are very good at what they do. You’re told exactly what is to be done as well as any risks involved should there be any.

This process is especially effective for those who have bent or malformed manhood. It is generally used for those who really need it rather than those who want it. (Though there are still plenty who use it for the sake of it as well)

Surgical Cons

Surgical manhood extension carries many more risks than non-surgical procedures. In the past, the effects of surgical manhood extension were far more significant than non-surgical effects. However, these days more and more surgical doctors are applying the non-surgical methods for the sake of safety and because the effects tend to be equally successful.

At the end of the day, surgery is always more dangerous, more expensive, and takes longer to recover from.

Non-Surgical Pros

As previously mentioned, the non-surgical manhood extension methods are taking over these days. The chances of success are as high, if not higher than surgical means and the risks are minimal to non-existent.

While a surgical procedure could leave your manhood more damaged than when you started, the worst thing that could happen during a non-surgical procedure is that the results take a little longer than the average person.

Non-surgical manhood extension has products, such as the SizeGenetics Extender device, which has before and after photos. These photos show the legitimate positive effect of the non-surgical procedure.

Non-Surgical Cons

The non-surgical manhood extension procedures tend to take a number of months to take full effect. While the risk may be lower, it will consume more of your time as you will need to go for sessions quite often.

Non-surgical methods are also much newer than surgical techniques. There are some companies that use non-surgical methods without prior research. These can be risky but so long as you make sure to use a legit product this won’t be a problem.

My Recommendation

In my opinion, the risks that come with surgical manhood extension are not even close to worth it. I would say that surgical procedures are only viable when you have a severe medical condition that requires it.

In all non-serious cases, non-surgical methods are much more practical. Not only do they look more natural after the treatments in comparison, but the effects last twice as long overall. On top of that, you can continue the treatments as often as you need to in order to maintain your new length for as long as you want.

That’s how I would roll. In the end, the choice comes down to each of you. Which will you choose?

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