Medical Alarm and Emergency Dialer

The Guardian Alert 911 has actually gotten a great deal of favorable press. This medical alarm and also emergency situation dialer won the Customer Electronic devices Program “Best Layout and Technology Showcase Honor” at the 2005 show in Las Vegas. And Also, Good Morning America ran this medical emergency alarm system as one of the leading five items in the Customer Electronic Devices Program.

So, what makes this development so special? The Guardian Alert 911 could save you or your loved one’s life; it’s a little, single investment, not only for the elderly living alone but also for younger family members that might have special health and wellness worries. It’s also excellent for babysitters and also more youthful songs that want a feeling of security and also peace of mind.

Senior citizens in danger

The variety of older Americans in the population is swiftly increasing, and the problem of emergency situation care is assumed on many people’s minds. And, the capability to live independently is one of the most vital problems dealing with today’s adult populace. For senior people that live alone, the requirement for some type of feedback system is a requirement. The Guardian Alert 911 is just the appropriate device.

As adults age, the threat of falling or hurting themselves is a potential risk. If a fall does happen, that person might be left without help for extended periods of time.
Data launched from the Centers for Condition Control (CDC) show that of the 35 million Americans above the age of 65, one out of three will certainly fall in a provided year.

The New England Journal of Medicine exposes that after a loss or other emergency, 90 percent of people who obtain the aid within one hour will remain to live independently living, while only 10 percent of those individuals that had to wait for 12 hours or even more, without support, will certainly continue to live independently in the house.

Nonetheless, alert tools make independent living a sensible opportunity.

Guardian Alert 911: Not Just for Elders

Numerous risks are present for not only seniors, yet others who live alone or are left in residence ignored for time periods. In addition to falling, heart attack, strokes, and the ever-existing danger of fire, security tools are essential in combating serious situations such as seizures or bronchial asthma strikes.

Trigger medical/emergency help does not need to be pricey and it is simple to acquire; it’s as simple as pushing a button.

The Guardian Alert 911 is a gadget that is made to aid senior citizens and others that assist is only mins, and not hrs away. It supplies no-hassle interaction without the interference of a third party.

Tom Maroney, Chief Executive Officer of Banner Treatment Products explains, “It’s just a remarkable product. When I take a trip, my spouse keeps one nearby for satisfaction that aid is just a push of a button away.”

Maroney is so happy with the product that his company now brings the Guardian Alert 911 along with an array of other personal healthcare as well as option therapy products.

Exactly how does it function?

Numerous medical alert devices readily available on the marketplace need regular monthly charges; the Guardian Alert 911 does not. The 911 Guardian Phone works just like a cordless phone, on any kind of basic phone line with 911 service, and tone dialing. Telephone calls go directly to a 911 emergency situation operator, and not to a call center. To prevent unexpected activation, the activation button is recessed and has to be depressed for a minimum of one-half of a 2nd to turn the phone on.

It can be used around the neck, clipped to a belt, or merely brought in a pocket. The unit consists of a base station, 7-foot phone cable, an air conditioning adaptor, a lanyard, and also a belt clip for the necklace in addition to an AAA alkaline battery; no charging is needed.

The dimension of the pendant is 3.9 inches high (leading to base), 1.9 inches broad (left to right), and 0.75 inches thick (front to back). Its operating regularity is 900MHz, with a range of 600 feet (183 meters from the base). The battery life is up to one year on standby mode or for thirty minutes of energetic talk time. Additional attributes consist of: dash resistance; system examination and battery screening; auto-shutdown; as well as a duplex jack, allowing for a 2nd mobile phone to be made use of on the phone electrical outlet.