Fitness equipment – Losing weight

One of the most common reasons to buy a home exerciser is to lose the pounds accumulated through gormandizing and everyday life without exercise as quickly as possible. The fitness equipment manufacturers have recognized this and offer a variety of devices that are supposed to be fat killers and report in hundreds of Internet guides on these “miracle weapons”.

Like also elsewhere in the economy are various these recommendations for removing unfavorably selected or simply wrong, since by such influenced Tipps and tricks the sales are to be increased. We look at these devices from the point of view of training efficiency and explain whether crosstrainers, treadmills, isavera system for thighs,steppers and the like really burn as much fat as the test reports on the Internet say.

What should I keep in mind when using fitness equipment to lose weight?

The formula for slimming

First of all you should think about how you can reduce fat through fitness training? Simply presented: If we consume more calories than we consume, then we lose weight. So the formula for losing weight is:

The probably most important adjusting screw for fast losing weight is the calorie supply, thus the nutrition. In addition to the subconscious survival functions of our body, such as breathing or heartbeat, we can influence calorie consumption through exercise, sport and fitness.

Comparison of calorie consumption of fitness equipment

If we refer to fitness equipment, then logically the fitness equipment that consumes the most calories is the most suitable for losing weight. Sounds catchy and simple in itself. Many manufacturers use this simple assumption by comparing the calorie consumption of individual fitness machines.

The values in the graph are average values from various websites that recommend fitness equipment for weight loss. These values logically depend very much on the resistance set on the machine and the user’s body weight and fitness condition.

Cardio machines are only suitable for losing weight to a limited extent.

The disadvantage of this listing is that almost only cardio machines (crosstrainers, treadmills, ergometers, etc.) are compared and the above formula is not thought through to the end. Cardio machines are particularly suitable for endurance training. The goal of endurance training, however, is to keep going for as long as possible, in jogging instead of after 2 kilometres at the beginning, to be out of breath only after 10 kilometres… and all this with the same calorie intake.

The body becomes more economical through endurance training, which means that the training consumes fewer and fewer calories, because the body increases its efficiency. After buying a new cardio machine, the body will lose weight due to the unaccustomed strain, but this will decrease quickly when the body has become accustomed to the new movement pattern.

Interval training accelerates weight loss

Interval training, i.e. short-term but intensive training at the performance limit, makes more sense for losing weight with cardio machines. This can easily be illustrated by the example of jogging: If you do several sprints between running, you will reach your performance limit much faster and will sweat a lot sooner… you consume more energy and lose weight faster.

More muscles = higher calorie consumption

Also neglected in the usual recommendations on the net is the unconscious calorie consumption of muscles. As described in the slimming formula, not only does conscious training itself play a role, but muscles also consume calories throughout the day. The more muscle, the more calories the body recycles. Trainings for muscle building thus promote fat reduction. That is also a reason why interval training helps so efficiently with fat burning. The sprinters at the Olympic Games are also much more muscular than the endurance runners.

Having fun training is the fastest way to lose weight

Since losing weight is not a process of just a few days, one’s own motivation should also be taken into account when choosing the right sports equipment. And it is best not to lose weight so quickly. Accordingly, it is of no use if you decide to run on a treadmill after reading various professional articles and comparing fitness equipment, but actually have no desire at all.

Maybe rowing or training with the crosstrainer would have been more recommendable. If one has already developed a certain preference for a certain sport or prefers training with a certain device, it is advisable to stick to it and not be distracted by comparison tables or similar. With fun you stay tuned and reach your goal faster.


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