Manhattan Penthouse

Manhattan Penthouse
80 Fifth Avenue, New York
NY 10011
New York
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Artists Fellowship annual medals award dinner will take place September 22, 2020 at The Manhattan Penthouse, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York.  The cost of the dinner is $85.00 and appropriate dinner attire is required.  Please call Edith Rae Brown at and an invitation will immediately be sent to you. Deadline for reservation is September 15th.   If your schedule allows and you can attend, a warm welcome will await you as you become part of a special fellowship.

The Artists Fellowship comes to the financial aid of qualified professional visual artists at a time of dire need.  They ask for certain information to be qualified such as a recent income tax return, documentation of their work and letters to substantiate the need such as medical, etc.  Please visit our website: and consider joining just as a member to support the mission.  Each membership sincerely helps as the money is invested in protective funds from which distribution is derived.  Please be assured that every penny received helps another person in need.
Artists Fellowship is a non-for profit foundation that comes to the aid of professional visual artists when an emergency arises.  After careful examination of requested documentation, financial aid is given. Artist Fellowship is not associated with any other group, and its officers and trustees serve without remuneration.  Applicants names are held in strict confidentiality.  The Fellowship is a unique organization, dedicated to providing financial assistance to their fellow artists due to illness, disability, bereavement and other emergencies.  The letters of gratitude are many and the aid makes a tremendous difference at a time when the artist has no where to turn. Please go to our website to download an application for membership.  Being part of the fellowship and helping other professional artists in dire need is a wonderful contribution.
Date Title Venue City Type
22.09.2010 - 22.09.2010
18.00 h - 21.00 h
Artists Fellowship annual medals award dinner Manhattan Penthouse New York meeting

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