Detoxification for well-being

Every person has toxic chemicals in his or her body, which have a negative impact on health. Symptoms of intoxication range from mild illness to moderate to severe symptoms. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of them completely. But with detox programmes it is possible to minimize the long-term effects of their effects.

The main signs of organism intoxication are:

loss of strength, increased fatigue
constant stomach weight
irritable colon syndrome
constipation, bloating
mild sickness
right footing pain
chronic cough
chemical sensitivity

What is detox?

Detoxification (neutralization of harmful substances) is the process by which the human body gets rid of accumulated toxins and slags.

When detoxifying the body should not only avoid exposure to toxic substances, but also try to clean up their diet (reduce the consumption of processed foods, sugar, sweets, alcohol), increase the consumption of clean water.

Complex sorbents based on plant components are also good helpers in activating the natural mechanisms of cleaning the body: they improve the health of the intestines, support liver and kidney functions.

The effect of detox on the body

Liver – constantly working to neutralize harmful chemicals that come from outside and are formed in the body. By reducing the toxic load and providing the necessary support, we contribute to the reduction of stress experienced by this organ.

Activation of liver functioning in general leads to normalization of metabolic processes in organism. Moreover, this organ is the main producer of many useful compounds necessary for correct interaction of all systems of our body. By improving the functional state of the liver, we improve our health as a whole.

The intestine is the main organ through which toxins enter our body. People with intestinal problems, such as microflora imbalance, diarrhea, bloating stomach, often suffer from a syndrome that leads to impaired absorption of beneficial substances and increased absorption of toxins and slags.

Immune system – harmful chemicals that are not disposed of in time can damage the immune system, causing a decrease in protective reactions and as a result, the development of local inflammatory reactions in all organs and systems of our body.

Skin is an indicator of the degree of toxic contamination of the body. It is the largest organ of the body that takes part not only in physiological processes of regulation of heat exchange, protection of covers from drying out, but also carries out active removal of salts, slags, toxins.

If we observe the excess presence of toxins in the body, and the skin is unable to cope, it leads to a change in skin color, it becomes dull, pale, there are different kinds of rashes, pore size changes.

Kidneys – optimization of the work of this organ can be aimed at normalization of filtration processes, due to the volume of fluid consumed. If we want to speed up the removal of toxins, we increase the volume and frequency of fluid intake, which will reduce the toxic effects of harmful substances and increase their solubility, thus maintaining the organ in good functional condition.

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